All Things Stitchy

  • The Idea Behind The Quilt

    What makes you want to start a new quilt? A seemingly simple question but once you sit and think about it for awhile it develops into quite a complex answer. We delve into the ideas that motivate quilters to make magic.
  • Add Some Colour To Your Creativity

    Have you been sitting on the fence, wondering if you should add that crazy colour to your quilt? You just know it's going to be awesome but perhaps other peoples opinions have got you down. Well... Grab a cup of tea and read on about how you need to get creative with colour.
  • The Quilter's Guide to a Happy Cutting Mat

    Buying a cutting matt can be an expensive investment. Follow our tips and tricks to see how you can make your investment last!
  • One Stitch At A Time...

    In this weeks blog we take a look at how to get ourselves out of a creative slump and back into a happy and stitchy mindset.