Add Some Colour To Your Creativity

Embracing colour can seem like a scary thing, but it is the perfect cure for a quilting rut. All it takes is taking a chance, a colourful chance...

Do you know that feeling you get when you put on your favorite colourful fluffy socks? Or perhaps you have a go to colour that you add to an outfit when you want to turn your mood from drab to fab. This is the magic of colour and who says we can't have that in our quilting too!

Contrary to popular belief, there are NO RULES when it comes to pairing fabric together. Sure, there are some patterns that require you to have light, mediums and darks to create a certain look or to obtain an elusion. These are good guidelines and often need to followed. In saying that you can have any kind of light, medium and dark that your heart desires. I always tell my clients and students "It is YOUR quilt.". If you'd like a screaming green with a pastel baby blue and you are going to be happy with it, why not???

There is so much creativity to be had with colour!

 When it comes to my own choice of fabrics, I tend to not go out of my comfort zone and stick to reserved colours with the occasional splash of colour. It just works for me and the patterns I gravitate towards to. Until recently while I was down at the coast...

My Mom and I popped into a quilt store in search for fabric for a specific quilt we each want to make. I helped her choose gorgeous purples and greys that contrast but still have a way of blending (only quilters will understand this!) for her quilt. When it came time to choose my own fabrics, I was stumped! My usual colours just did not speak to me and I found my enthusiasm waning. 

To my surprise, I found myself drawn to a fabric I would usually overlook and for whatever reason I kept trying to discourage myself from taking it off the shelf. "It's too busy. What would I pair it with? If anyone saw it they would definitely lift an eyebrow.". This was all of course nonsense because it is MY quilt and if it makes me happy and it works with my pattern, why not???

So behold the fabric I have dubbed to be my future Wine Quilt!

Once made, I will snuggle under it and drink divine wine and simply enjoy the small pleasures of life. Such as fun fabrics and spirit lifting colour.

It's quirky, it's bright and I am so excited to get stitching! 

This is why we quilt, for the simple joy it gives us and we truly do forget that this joy can be triggered by adding a quirky or brighter than usual colour to the mix. We are so afraid of what our teacher will say, or the other students, or even just the other people we will show our quilt to. If your teacher wants you to grow creatively and wants you to embrace your own style, she will encourage you! 

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So next time you're feeling a little bland with your colour choices, reach for that bright orange. Add the gold embellished fabric to your William Morris quilt if it makes your heart happy. Buy the fabric you'd ordinarily would be to hesitant to purchase.

Colour and emotion go hand in hand. Allow yourself some happiness, forget the rules you've set up for yourself and have fun.

Get creative with colour!

Regards in Stitches

A "colourful" Pin Cushion Gal


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