Cutting Shenanigans: Friendly Tips for Accurate Cutting and Piecing


Hello there dear stitchy friends! 

 Gosh how are you dealing with this heat? I definitely subscribe to the idea of a siesta. When the heat is at its worst during the day, I want to find a cool spot to take a little nap. If only! Okay moving on from the weather, have you joined any of the fabulous Mystery Quilts such as the Good Hope Quilters Guild Mystery Quilt, When You Shine? If you have you will notice that half square triangles are the in thing! These can be great but if you're making a few "oopsies" with your cutting and piecing they can quickly turn into a nightmare and Jack The Seam Ripper makes an appearance.

On that note, are you ready to take your quilting game to the next level? Whether you're just starting out or you've been quilting for years, mastering accurate cutting and piecing is essential for creating stunning quilts that you can be proud of. In this blog post, I'm excited to share some friendly tips and techniques to help you hone your skills and achieve precise results in your quilting projects. Let's dive in!

Start with Quality Tools:

  • Let's kick things off by making sure you have the right tools for the job. Investing in high-quality rotary cutters, cutting mats, and acrylic rulers will make a world of difference in your quilting journey. Remember though, good quality does not mean breaking the bank! Shop around to find the brand you like the most.
  • Keep those rotary cutter blades sharp and your rulers clear for accurate measurements.
Measure Twice, Cut Once:
    • Remember that old saying? It definitely applies here! Take your time to measure and double-check before making any cuts. It'll save you from a lot of headaches down the road.
    • Clear acrylic rulers with easy-to-read markings are your best friend for precise measurements.
    Use a Sharp Rotary Cutter:

    • A sharp rotary cutter is like a magic wand for clean edges and less fabric fraying. Keep those blades sharp, my friend! Trust me, your quilting projects will thank you for it.
    Press Before Cutting:
    • Before you start cutting, give your fabric a little TLC with a hot iron and if you have, some Best Press too! Pressing out those wrinkles will make for more accurate cuts and smoother piecing.
    Cut Strips and Squares First:
      • Feeling overwhelmed with cutting? Start by cutting strips and squares first. It's like laying down the groundwork for your quilt, making piecing a breeze. Plus, it'll give you that satisfying feeling of seeing everything come together.
      Pay Attention to Grainlines:
      • Ah, the importance of grainlines! Make sure to align your fabric grainlines properly before cutting. It'll keep those edges straight and prevent any wonky shapes in your quilt blocks. Your quilts will thank you for the extra attention to detail!

           Nest Seams for Perfect Alignment:

      • When it's time to piece your blocks together, remember to nest those seams. Press them in opposite directions before sewing for perfect alignment and less bulk. Trust me, it's like magic when everything lines up just right!
      Pinning and Stitching:

      • Time to get your pinning game on point! Use sharp pins to hold your fabric pieces together securely before stitching. Don't forget to stitch with that accurate quarter-inch seam allowance for a perfect fit.
      Press Seam Allowances Flat:
      • After stitching, give those seam allowances a little love with a hot iron. Press them flat to set the stitches and create crisp, flat seams. It's like giving your quilt blocks a little spa treatment!
      Measure and Trim Block Units:
      • Last but not least, measure and trim your block units to the correct size. A square ruler is your best friend for this job. When it comes to the Half Square Triangles, the 45 degree line is your best friend! Remember to trim your HST on all four sides to prevent a wonky block.
      • Trim away any excess fabric for neat, uniform blocks that'll make your quilt sing!

      There you have it! With these tips and techniques, you'll be well on your way to mastering accurate cutting and piecing in your quilting projects. Remember to take your time, enjoy the process, and don't be afraid to get creative. Your quilts will be a true reflection of your passion and dedication to the craft.


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